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32" Happy Birthday Cake, 2 x Star, 2 x Round Foil Balloon Bundle party Decoration


Looking to surprise the birthday person with a helium balloon? Look no further; this birthday balloon kit includes it all!

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Our special Happy Birthday Party Balloon Arrangments contain everything you need to make your very own impressive balloon installation.  

Everyone will think you are a balloon decorating genius! 

Perfect for parties, weddings, or any other celebration.  Delivered directly to your door.

We recommend using a hand balloon pump to air fill the balloons, and you can find one here.

Don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on our exclusive birthday bundle, the 5 piece Balloon bundle: one Giant super shape and 4 x 18" foil balloons.

Comes in the box:

1x Giant super shape 32".

2x 18" Star foil

2x 18" Round foil

1x Straw

1x Ribbon

Balloons are both air and helium inflatable.

Please keep your balloons away from extreme heat and cold air and, if possible, out of direct sunlight, as this will decrease their lifespan.

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