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Gender Reveal Balloon Column DIY Kit Boy or Girl Balloon Decoration

***Exclusively on IDAM Balloons***

 A gender reveal balloon allows excitement to build on whether your bundle of joy is a boy or a girl! As you burst the balloon pink or blue confetti will cascade to the ground in a truly spectacular 'Pop'. The most stunning way to reveal the gender of your baby and a moment to treasure - Remember to take lots of photos so the moment will last forever!

Our gender reveal balloon comes with pink and blue confetti - choose which colour and pop it inside the balloon.

Each kit contains:

-Pink & Blue latex balloons (11", 5") & one 16" questions marked balloon.

-Two pack of confetti blue and pink.

-Ribbon for attaching balloons together.

-One Vinyl sticker "It's a Boy"

-One Vinyl Sticker "it's a Girl"

Short : 20 Balloons, Height: 1 m

Tall : 32 Balloons , Height : 1.5 m

**Extra balloons included in the box**

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