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Our Balloon Garlands are fully customized for you! Use it to impress all your guests!

A great addition to any party, your balloon garland will be a focal point at any celebration! Great from a birthday party to welcome a new boy or even a wedding backdrop.

Leave a note of your favourite Colors ( or your Theme) and we will get the perfect balloon garland kit ready for you.

**Eucalyptus colour, ONLY 5" is available NOW **

What Comes in the Box:

Different sizes 12”, 11”, 5” latex Balloons of your favourite colour. (Maybe 16” balloons included).

***Eucalyptus colour ONLY 5" is available now ***

- 2 meters Garland - 45 balloons

- 3 meters Garland - 65 balloons

- 4 meters Garland - 85 balloons

- 5 meters Garland - 105 balloons

- 6 meters Garland - 125 balloons

- 7 meters Garland - 145 balloons

- 8 meters Garland - 165 balloons

- 9 Meters Garland -185 balloons

- 10 Meters Garland -210 balloons

- Damage-free hooks (for installation)

- Ribbon - to assemble

- Glue dots - to assemble

- Detailed Instructions on How to Do the Garland

*Extra balloons included in the box*

**Eucalyptus , ONLY 5" is available  now **

We use biodegradable latex balloons that are made from high-quality natural latex which is created from the sap of rubber trees – an organic material that is fully biodegradable. Latex is harvested from trees in a similar manner to maple syrup. The tree is not cut down and can produce latex for over 30 years.

Believe it or not, you simply can make it. NO previous balloon or crafting experience is Needed.

Our balloons are high quality and once inflated would last for at least 2 weeks.

Balloons are air inflated and no helium is needed.

*You don't need helium*

Children under eight years can choke or suffocate on un-inflated balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep uninflated balloons away from children. Discard broken balloons at once.


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