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IDAM Confetti

Tissue Paper & Metalic in 14g & 24g bags

Circle tissue confetti is always an elegant and delicate addition to any celebration, plus, you can be sure this confetti is top quality. This confetti is very lightweight, so will easily go into a helium-filled balloon to give it a unique finish. You can also use this confetti as table scatter, to decorate any table in a quirky way.

PROPER CONFETTI - Bideogradable 

Shape: Circles - approx 1.5cm

Weight/Packet measures:

Material: Biodegradable, Acid-Free Wood Pulp Tissue Paper. Please note, this is not water-soluble confetti.

The Important Stuff:

All of our confetti is handmade to order, weighed, and packaged totally flat in a clear plastic pack. This means you'll need to set it free shake it up and run your fingers through several times to appreciate the full volume. Our handful measurements are intended as a guide only (hands are different sizes and so are confetti cones!) so it’s best you judge the quantity required based on your chosen distribution method.

The tissue paper is bleed-resistant; however, colors may run if made wet and left to dry on materials.

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