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Balloon Decoration

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Everyone will think you are a balloon decorating genius! 

Perfect for parties, weddings, or any other celebration. 

We recommend using a hand balloon pump to air fill the balloons, and you can find one here.

Balloons are both air and helium inflatable.

Please keep your balloons away from extreme heat and cold air and, if possible, out of direct sunlight, as this will decrease their lifespan.

Stunning for lots of occasions, from christenings to weddings, these 20-inch clear bubbles will be a dazzling addition to your designs. Clearz is great to use alone, in bouquets, or in organic designs. It is normal to hear a 'pop' when inflating orbs as the seams split to reveal the spherical shape.

Clear Bubble Balloons loved by all balloon decorators as they can manipulate the color to match their theme and become very creative!

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